Top 5 hot female MTV Roadies contestants

Top 5 hot female MTV Roadies contestants

From Gurbani Judge (VJ Bani) to Suzanna Mukherjee, these are the most lovely, charming and most blazing female hopeful on one of the longest running Indian unscripted television appear, MTV Roadies. While some picked up fans for their exhibition in the assignment, some heard supporters for their legit thoughts and some turned into an adolescent symbol, these ladies are known to be smash of many.

These ladies demonstrated how savage, open, and influential ladies can be. Rather than playing some character in an anecdotal TV appear, these ladies indicated what they truly are on camera also. Here are the 5 best and most sultry female competitors of MTV Roadies.

Gurbani Judge (VJ Bani).

Charlie Chauhan.

Suzanna Mukherjee.

Roop Bhinder Kaur.

Shambhavi Sharma.


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