Top 9 Most Followed Politicians In India On Twitter

Top 9 Most Followed Politicians In India On Twitter

All the political parties in India are gearing up for 2019 general elections where an estimated 90 crore Indians will cast their votes to select the government at Centre. The elections will be crucial for Bhartiya Janta Party after losing ground in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh in the assembly polls will be going aggressively. Congress will be fancying its chances of leading an alliance at the centre in 2019.

Going by the current trend, it’s not an easy battle for BJP because issues like farmer distress, loan waiver, unemployment and national security will play a crucial role in deciding the current government’s fate.

To reach out to Indian users many political parties will adopt various social media platforms. Twitter will play a major role where Indian users gave a phenomenal response during the recently concluded five state assembly elections in 2018. There were 6.6 million tweets from October 1 to December 11 with the tag #AssemblyElections2018.

PM Narendra Modi and Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi remained a topic of discussion.

Here let’s take a look at the most followed politicians on Twitter in India.

9# Mayawati

For the 2019 general elections, BSP chief Mayawati is key to opposition unity. She could either make or break the outcome of the elections in 2019.

8# Mamta Banerjee

The country will witness a revolution in 2019 Lok Sabha elections and people will defeat BJP according to the Trinamool Congress Chief and Bengal’s CM Mamta Banerjee. “BJP Hatao, Desh Bachao” is her motto for next upcoming elections.

7# Yogi Adityanath

One of the star campaigners for BJP due to his oratorial skills in Hindi and for his connection with firebrand Hindutva- Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi Adityanath. BJP received a volume of requests to deploy him during Karnataka elections.

6# Shashi Tharoor

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is like a human dictionary who has a word to describe every given scene.

5# Rahul Gandhi

Under his leadership the party witnessed a stunning three-state whitewash over arch rival BJP. Rahul’s followers went up by around 2.70 lakh within 20 days of the results. Let’s see whether 2019 will be a year of Rahul Gandhi or not.

4# Arun Jaitley

According to suave finance minister, Arun Jaitley the upcoming elections would be between a highly opportunistic b”coalition of rivals” and tried and tested PM Modi. He thinks the quality of India’s political discourse has been degraded by Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his supporters.

3# Amit Shah

BJP’s national chief Amit Shah has already switched the party into election mode after taking lessons from BJP’S recent losses in five states. He believes the party will recapture the throne again in 2019 and with a bigger mandate. He said, “The party’s win will mean the victory of nationalism over casteism and nepotism. The election will drive the final nail in the coffin of those who do politics of vanshwaad, jaatiwad aur tushtikaran(nepotism, casteism and appeasement).”

2# Arvind Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has courted several controversies and libel litigations worth several crores. It seems ge have silently gone backstage, leaving his deputy Manish Sisodia to do all the talking. A strong opponent of PM Modi, Kejriwal has steadily made personal attacks through Twitter too. The AAP chief’s tweets show he mentioned ‘Modi’ in 255 of his 1,303 posts between May 2016 and February 2017. He will be heading the party’s campaign in the upcoming Lok Sabha election in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. He will be using both social media and public speeches to talk about his policy initiatives and broader regional politics.

1# Narendra Modi

The prime minister will face his biggest challenge in political career this year as he will be facing a resurgent Congress-led Opposition.. The upcoming elections will also be seen as a referendum on his work as a prime minister in the last five years. The party will be riding high on his popularity to make it big during the upcoming elections.
Talking about followers on Twitter, a recent Twitter Audit report has revealed that President Donald Trump, PM Modi and Pope Francis leads the list of leaders with fake followers globally.