Tourists Caught on Camera Throwing Rocks at Giant Panda in Zoo to Wake It Up

Tourists Caught on Camera Throwing Rocks at Giant Panda in Zoo to Wake It Up

This isn’t great!

A gathering of Chinese visitors visiting Beijing Zoo were seen tossing rocks at a goliath panda while it was resting in its compound on Saturday (thirteenth July). This was caught on a video that shows Meng Da, the mammoth panda, slumping on a stone when a stone is tossed at the creature.

As per Daily Mail, the panda wasn’t harmed, fortunately, yet bounced somewhat before getting up to examine the stone that was tossed.

Be that as it may, this wasn’t the main example where rocks were tossed at pandas. The individual who recorded the 38-second clasp said that there were two comparative cases in the range of only 30 minutes. Moreover, onlookers revealed to The Beijing News that a subsequent individual had tossed an a lot greater shake at the goliath panda, yet was not caught on record.

Not long after, zookeepers hurried to the scene to prevent the visitors from tossing more items into the old panda structure, which was first worked in 1981 to commend the 1990 Asian Games held in Beijing.

Meng Da was unaffected by all the disturbance and carried on its day by day schedule, eating, discharging, moving around, and playing inside its walled in area.

Here’s the video:

Beneficial thing the vacationers were ceased before real mischief was finished. Ideally this doesn’t occur again and that no creatures will be hurt while being encased in the zoo.


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