Twitter Is Loving Acting Skills Of Hardik Pandya, MS Dhoni In Star India’s Latest Ad

Twitter Is Loving Acting Skills Of Hardik Pandya, MS Dhoni In Star India’s Latest Ad

Broadcast are ready to implement a new tariff and they are introducing through the ad. This rule is issued by (TRAI) Telecom Regularity and Authority of India.

Star India group is informing to the customers India about the change and new pricing in India.

So to make aware the customer Star India Launched a campaign which name is sach mein. This campaign has been started into seven languages. Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil Telugu and kannad and Malayalam. The company is focusing to make the campaign more popular on digital.

This campaign has staring Aamir Khan Kamal Hasan Nagaarjun Mohan Lal, and swapnil Joshi, Darshan and cricketer MS Dhoni and Hardhik Panday are promoting the campaign.

Aamir Khan and Pankaj Tripathi are playing the first part of the campaign in which Amir Khan playing a role of a customer and Pankaj Tripathi playing the role of Shopkeeper. Amir Khan is bargaining after seeing the price on the value pack. Their acting and way to communicate is amazing and they both are getting appreciation for their acting

On the other hand, Hardik Pandey and MS Dhoni have been seen in the second part or the second video of the campaign in which they are playing the role of cricket buff. They are seeing the cricket on the sitting on the tree. Hardhik ask Ms Dhoni why we can’t the watch cricket on TV at home then former captain reply that we have to pay extra charge for the sport channel. When Hardhik get to know that the latest plans are staring at Rs 49. Just watch the video to know better how they act and people are liking their acting.

Maza aa gaya 

Dhoni and Pandya ready for Bollywood 

I’m loving it 

One of the best add in recent days