Twitterati calls Pak PM ‘Einstien’ as he says Trees produce oxygen at night, Enjoy ROFL Memes

Twitterati calls Pak PM ‘Einstien’ as he says Trees produce oxygen at night, Enjoy ROFL Memes

Well … who doesn’t know the art of gaffe of Pak PM ,which is hilarious indeed.His GK is as good as a newborn.

When we are talking about his supreme knowledge , we share to you a hilarious and extra ordinary statement of his as he says that trees produce oxygen at night.

This time people have compared his IQ with Einstein 😉 after his post got viral on twitter.Let’s have a look at the funny video and I am sure you will not be able to control your laughter.

After this hilarious video, you definitely have to see all the reactions he got from tweetratis.

Trees produce oxygen at night: Einstein Khan.

— Naila Inayat नायला इनायत (@nailainayat) November 27, 2019

Usne hi sikhaya hai ye sb.

— Ankush Sonwane (@AnkushSonwaneba) November 27, 2019

The power of ignorance ?

— Patriotic Hindu??? (@ta_in_making) November 27, 2019

After distorting History & Geography , #imrankhanPTI tries his hands at Grade 3 science ..

Madam Hina Khar Rabbani wouldn’t be pleased…

— EternalSeeker (@TweetStreet247) November 27, 2019

Please, don’t underestimate the power of Imran Khan who is a champion of Naya Pakistan. If he says, trees produce Oxygen in Night, it means, they produce in Naya Pakistan.

— Veengas (@VeengasJ) November 27, 2019

IMRAN Khan Niazi be like …….this pic….but aata kuch nahi hai…

— Indian Kim Jong Un (@ChowkidarKim) November 27, 2019

— Nikolai (@Nikolai_speaks) November 27, 2019

You have listed by now that what explanation he gave for the lack of greenery .He says :
70 feesad jo green spread tha, vo kum hua, 10 saalo ke andar. Uske natayaj to aane the, kyunki drakht hawa ko saaf karte hai, oxygen dete hai raat ko. Carbon dioxide ko ingest karte hai. (70 percent of the green spread has been chopped down over the most recent 10 years. We should confront the repercussions of that since trees clean the air, they give out oxygen in the night. The trees additionally ingest Carbon dioxide.)

Well .. we have to search the location ,from where he is getting this secret knowledge ..(wink)


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