Two Kashmiri Dry Fruit Sellers Were Attacked In Lucknow, Four people Arrested

Two Kashmiri Dry Fruit Sellers Were Attacked In Lucknow, Four people Arrested

Saffron-clad men, reportedly from a right-wing, group beat up two Kashmiri dry fruit sellers in Lucknow’s Daliganj Bridge on Wednesday, in another attack on Kashmiris in the aftermath of Pulwama. 

The viral video showed two saffron-clad men attacking two Kashmiri fruit sellers on a busy roadside and ask them for their identity cards. They were seen beating up the men and hurling abuses at them. 

In another video they are seen asking another vendor for his identity card who was trying to pack up and leave.

Locals were seen interrupting the men and asking them to not take law into their hands. The locals are believed to have called the police.

One of the dry fruit seller upon describing the event to media said, “These men just descended on us. They started beating us and calling us terrorists. We have been coming for 20 years. Something like this has never happened with us before.

They said we are terrorists. We were told that we sell items here and throw stones there. They started thrashing us.”

According to reports, an FIR was filed against the goons and one man seen in the video that went viral had been arrested. 

Omar Abdullah tweeted a video of the incident and said,

The incident in Lucknow follows a series of attacks on Kashmiris, mostly students, in different parts of the country immediately after the Pulwama terror attack on February 14. The attacks triggered widespread outrage and led to the Supreme Court directing all states to take “prompt action” to prevent such incidents.

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