Ukraine President’s Faux WhatsApp Chat of World Leaders Has Got the Internet Talking

Ukraine President’s Faux WhatsApp Chat of World Leaders Has Got the Internet Talking

Being president of a country is hard, but this doesn’t mean one can’t take some time to laugh, even at serious global affairs. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zalensky did exactly this through an imaginary WhatsApp group chat in which he made fun of world leaders during an official presentation at the 16th annual Yalta European Strategy Meeting.

Thanks to the internet, attendees of the address have circulated the hilarious video on Twitter, and everyone is admiring Zalensky’s ability to make light of global issues such as Russia’s annexation of Crimea, North Korea’s nuclear weapons and, yes, although not a global issue, Donald Trump’s history with women.

The president began his speech with the presentation at the 16th annual Yalta European Strategy meeting, which took place on Sept. 12 and 14.

The videos went viral after an Indian IPS officer – Rema Rajeshwari – shared the videos on Twitter.

Zelensky introduces himself at the beginning of the “chat” to his counterparts and is greeted in many languages from the others in response.

North Korea after being added immediately sends missile stickers as a sign of its nuclear arsenal and the US says, “Great stickers but you don’t have to send them to me.”

When a discussion about ‘the credit issue’ is initiated by Ukraine, the International Monetary Fund leaves the chat.

“You are such a beautiful lady,” says the US, immediately deleting the message and saying “Sorry, wrong chat.”

Amidst all these, as a running joke, Finland has been ‘typing’ for much of the chat, but due to the complexity of their language only manages to type out ‘Hi’ at the very end.

Volodymyr Zelensky was a comedian in his initial years. He used to play the role of a hapless President on TV and was later elected to the real-life presidency in April 2019.

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