Unknown And Interesting Facts About Dani Daniels

Unknown And Interesting Facts About Dani Daniels

Award-winning adult performer Dani Daniels is one of the 25 highest-ranked porn stars, with over 250 million video views and commenters regularly praising her as “one of the sexiest women on planet Earth, hands down.” But more than that, Daniels is known for her versatility. Some of her top-rated videos of all time are girl-girl, solo, and group sex scenes. In fact, she’s won eight AVNs (aka the Oscars of porn) in those categories and has been nominated for countless others. But there’s more to this California girl than her legendary curves and clout in the porn industry.

1- She’s an artist

Though Daniels dropped out of art school after only two years, she’s still a passionate artist. She works mostly with spray enamel and acrylic gel pen, and she uses a technique she claims to have pioneered called Typographic Pointilism—using lyrics and words to form portraits and iconic images. Her art is mostly inspired by musicians, something she became interested in during high school.  Some of her favorite works include an image of Muhammad Ali, a rendition of Pink Floyd’s famous triangular prism, and a recreation of the famous Abbey Road image from the Beatles’ album of the same name. She makes art under the name Kira Lee.

2- Birth Details

Born on 22 September 1989 in Orange Country, the state of California in the United States, Daniels belongs to the English, Czech, and German descent.

3- Previous jobs

She attended an art school for 2 years, but then dropped out. Dani worked in a medical office when she was 15 years old. Before becoming an entertainer, she worked as a glamor model. Dani is a big fan of sports.

4- Her dog

Any one of Daniel’s Instagram followers could tell you about Darwin, Daniels’ furry little companion. Darwin joins Daniels on trips, poses in costumes, and even goes swimming with his mom. She has specified to Xcritic that she’s solidly a dog person.

5- Marital status

Is Dani Daniels married? Yes, but she kept her engagement under wraps as long as possible. On New Year’s Day, Vic Cipolla proposed to Daniels in Times Square, but the couple didn’t go public with the proposal for almost two months fearing judgment from fans and followers. In her Instagram post announcing the engagement, Daniels explained why she decided to finally tell her fans the news.

6- Never saw any porn video

In an interview, Daniels revealed that she didn’t watch porn before she became a performer and still doesn’t really watch it.

7- Supported by her mom

In an interview for her website, Daniel revealed that though she had a “normal” childhood, she grew up with two moms, which she says some may consider abnormal. She told that her parents have always been supportive of her work as an adult entertainer.

8- Big fan of Dr.WHO

Futurama, Adventure Time, Archer,and Sherlock also rank among her favorites.

9- She got her stage name from an ex

In the process of choosing her stage name, apparently, Daniels decided to go the more personal route. “Long story short, it was an ex’s first name, and it may or may not be an immature act of revenge,” Daniels said in an interview.

10- She wanna fly high

As of 2016, Daniels talked to Xbiz about completing flight school trainingand discussed her love for aviation, which has actually made its way into some of her scenes. She wants to finish school and receive her private pilot’s license so she can jet around the world on her own terms.

11- Wealthy

Dani is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 55 KG. Her measurements are 36-24-34. She has a green eye color while her hair color is blonde. She wears a size 8 (US) shoe while her dress size is 6 (US). As of 2019, her net worth is approximately $1 million.


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