UP Man Fined For Not Wearing Helmet, Cuts Police Station Power Supply For Revenge!

UP Man Fined For Not Wearing Helmet, Cuts Police Station Power Supply For Revenge!

An electrician from UP’s Firozabad established a precedent for the most ruthless blow for blow move. Everything began when the electrician named Srinivas was fined Rs 500 for not wearing a head protector and riding a motorcycle.

Srinivas was halted by sub overseer Ramesh Chandra while he was on his obligation rounds to Badi Chapeti to fix a flaw.

He argued the cop to pardon him one final time and even requested that he address his lesser specialist without any result.

“I also made him to speak to my junior engineer on phone who also requested him to pardon me, but he did not listen,” Srinivas was cited as saying.

The cop fined him in any case and TBH was just passing by principles, yet the electrician had something different cooking in his mind.

Incensed by the unjustifiable fine, the lineman chose to uncover all the pending power bills of the locale’s police headquarters a remove their power supply.

Well that is savage!

“The cop, along with his associates, started explaining me the rules for violating traffic norms and in return, I explained them the rules and penalty for not paying power bill on time,” he was cited as saying.

In the wake of paying the challan online Srinivas requested that partners check the power duty pending against the Line Par police headquarters.

He found that the police headquarters had piled on amassed bills of Rs 6,62,463 since January 2016!

“On Wednesday, we conducted a re-verification of pending amount of Line Par police station, and found that police department owes Rs 7 lakh. They haven’t paid a single paisa since 2016,” he said.

For Srinivas who acquires a small Rs 6,000, paying a Rs 500 fine drew an opening through his pocket and his blood bubbled when he found the police authorities audaciously abstained from paying power bills.

The lineman chose to vindicate the fine by snapping their power for about four hours.

The police anyway had their own contention, Station House Officer, Sanjay Singh, hammered the circuit repairman’s transition to look for retribution and said it was uncalled for.

He was cited saying, “Since 4.30pm, there was no power supply in the police station for nearly four hours. We contacted senior officials of DVVNL against the electrician’s act.”

“Our district superintendent did not spare even 70 policemen who were found flouting the traffic norms, how could we have pardoned the electrician.”

The police authority said that the due measure of bill would be paid soon to DVVNL.


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