UP police ride ‘lathis’ during mock drill due to unavailability of horses

UP police ride ‘lathis’ during mock drill due to unavailability of horses

In the latest video that is doing rounds on social media, Uttar Pradesh Policemen can be seen to be performing a mock drill where they are pretending to ride horses while having batons in between their legs. 

The 16-second video clip is of the mock drill in the Ferozabad district which was conducted last week on November 8, ahead of the Ayodhya Verdict, and Inspector Ram Ikshah said that the drill was part of a crowd management training exercise. 

“The mock drill was related to the crowd management, since we did not have horses, we symbolically conducted the exercise where the cops presumed that they were on a horseback,” he said.

After receiving hilarious reactions online, Firozabad police posted a clarification tweet explaining that they had to resort to make believe horses since the academy didn’t have ‘real’ horses. The tweet read:
”During a riot control drill, police teams have a formation to deal with the unruly men and rioters. In the formation, the third team is horse mounted police units. Due to the absence of horse-drawn police in the district, the police action has been made a symbolic exercise by the constables.”

The video received varied reactions from Twitter users where many compared it to Harry Potter’s quidditch match.

Interestingly, a similar incident from UP’s Sambhal district had grabbed eyeballs a few months ago after a video of policemen shouting ‘thain thain’ in a desperate attempt to scare away criminals when the bullet got stuck in their rifle during an encounter went viral.


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