VIDEO: ‘Hindustani Bhau’ Schooled Neha Dhupia For Her Fake Feminism Remarks

VIDEO: ‘Hindustani Bhau’ Schooled Neha Dhupia For Her Fake Feminism Remarks

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We all know till now, about the controversial statement passed by actress and host of Roadies Revolution Neha Dhupia and getting  trolled after that. Well, Neha Dhupia lashed out on a contestant, who accepted that he sl*pped his girlfriend after he got to know that his girlfriend was cheating on him with five men at the same time.

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A video of Neha Dhupia went insanely viral from the latest episode of the show, where she can be seen lashing out on the guy. She had said: “Yeh jo tu bol raha hai na ki ek nahi paanch ladko ke saath gayi thi… sun meri baat – it’s her choice. Maybe the problem lies with you. Nobody gives you the f***ing right to sl*p.” 

Being trolled with the names of ‘Fake feminist‘ and ‘hypocrite‘ , now Hindustani Bhau turned up for the topic by his comments. He is a popular name on youtube and makes videos criticizing people , he doesn’t like .He speak some hard hitting words that may cause disturbance to the mind of people who are being talked about.

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He is back with another video of himself, where he can be seen slamming the actress for her remarks. In the video, Hindustani Bhau can be seen defending the contestant for his act. He is also seen asking Neha Dhupia that what should have the guy done if not slap his girlfriend.

When he posted the video , it went viral and now making rounds on internet.

Watch the video below:

Hindustani Bhau gained more popularity after being the part of Bigg Boss , the reality show on Colors TV.

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Now, it would be really interesting to know , how netizens would give their reactions to the Bhau .


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