Vidyut Jamwal Ranked Sixth In The Top 10 Martial Artists Of The World

Vidyut Jamwal Ranked Sixth In The Top 10 Martial Artists Of The World

Actor Vidyut Jammwal is bringing global recognition to Indian martial art form Kalaripayattu, and says it is an honour to give back to the community.
Looper, a US pop culture website, recently released a list of top martial artists across the globe, and Jammwal got sixth position in the list.

Only Indian on the list


Jammwal is the only Indian to have made it to this prestigious list. Tweeting about the same, he wrote, “One doesn’t find balance, we have to learn how to create it, by knowing what to keep and what to let go #kalaripayattu #balancing fearlessly.”
“Honours like this help me give back to the community of Kalaripayattu to which I owe my life and all this success,” Jammwal said in a statement.
Alongwith Jammwal, Elrram Choi, Scott Edkins, Marco Jarr, Latif Kroder, Wu Jing and Johnny Nguyen are also on the list.

Trained Since Childhood


He was born in the house of an army officer in Kerela on December 10, 1980. He started training of ‘Kalaripayattu’ (martial art style of Kerela) at Palakkad’s ashram when he was 3 year old. Her mother used to train this training center. In more than 25 countries, Vidyut has done live action shows.

Great Career In Bollywood

He made his acting debut with Telegu film ‘Shakti’ in 2011. The Bollywood movies he has worked in are Force, Stanley ka Dabba, Commandos, Bullet Raja, Commando 2 and Badshaho.

Chuck Russell’s ‘Wild’

Vidyut has finished shooting for his next film ‘Junglee’. This action flick is helmed by Chuck Russell, who has directed some of the memorable Hollywood films such as ‘The Mask’ and ‘The Scorpion King’ among others.

“It is great to see Vidyut being noted as the rising star in action films across the world,” Russell said. “He has a rare combination of cinematic charm and killer moves that will make him unstoppable after this film. What really distinguishes Vidyut is his deep knowledge of the martial art Kalaripayattu and his understanding of its philosophy to not only protect and fight, but also use it to heal,” the director added. “I had the pleasure of creating his role in Junglee to play his style of action supporting a positive message. I can’t wait for audiences to see it on the big screen.”

Jammwal responded saying: “Chuck’s kind words are icing on the cake. Working with him on Junglee was like a dream come true. He pushed me to extract one of my best performances so far.”

The film is slated to release in India on April 5, 2019.