Viral TikTok Video Of Gujarat Cop Dancing Inside Police Station Leads To Her Suspension

Viral TikTok Video Of Gujarat Cop Dancing Inside Police Station Leads To Her Suspension

We as a whole skill huge the TikTok furor is. Consistently another video springs up on our feed and it is all great fun and funniness as long it doesn’t hurt someone or isn’t hostile.

On the off chance that you invest enough energy in the application you’ll presumably likewise go over individuals disrupting some genuine guidelines and authority conventions.

After a TikTok video of a woman cop from Gujarat moving inside a police headquarters circulated around the web via web-based networking media, she arrived in hot soup. As per the authorities, she was suspended. In the short video cut, Arpita Chaudhary was seen moving before a lock-up inside the Langhnaj police headquarters in Mehsana area.

“Arpita Chaudhary has abused the guidelines. She was not in uniform while on obligation. Furthermore, she shot a video of herself inside the Langhnaj town police headquarters. Police staff ought to pursue discipline, which she has not done and consequently suspended,” Deputy Superintendent of Police Manjitha Vanzara told journalists.

The authorities said that she shot the video on July 20 and flowed it via web-based networking media locales and Whatsapp. Chaudhary was enlisted to the police’s Lok Rakshak Dal in 2016, Arpita was moved to Mehsana in 2018, the appointee administrator told PTI.

A month back, four Odisha medical caretakers transferred a video via web-based networking media in which they can be seen singing, moving and murmuring to Bollywood melodies inside the SNCU in their official regalia. All the video clasps were posted from a solitary TikTok handle of a client named Jyoti Ray. Medical clinic beds, patients and babies were additionally found in the recordings.

After that the central locale therapeutic official (CDMO) of Odisha’s Malkangiri slapped a show-cause notice to four attendants for medicinal carelessness and recording TikTok recordings inside the unique neonatal consideration unit (SNCU) of the area headquarter emergency clinic.

Another video that became a web sensation via web-based networking media demonstrated a young lady moving inside a Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) transport which landed two staff members in hot soup.

The staff of Hari Nagar Depot transport, including it’s driver, conductor and marshal on July 12 ceased the transport close Janakpuri, where a young lady suspected to be companions with them begun moving for a TikTok video.

Reports cited a senior DTC official saying that conductor is an authoritative worker so he has been served a show-cause see for end. While the transport marshal has been repatriated to his parent office.

The denounced supposedly ‘abused’ the DTC transport in utilizing it illicitly for shooting video, carelessness of obligation, abuse of government property as likewise ‘defaming’ picture of the open transporter, the official allegedly said.


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