We Bet! You will be Amazed to Know the Crazy Wedding Outfits in these 12 Countries

We Bet! You will be Amazed to Know the Crazy Wedding Outfits in these 12 Countries

Every country has its own traditions, own way of clothing.Weddings obviously are held everywhere. Each country has its own way of celebrating it and when it comes to outfits of bride and groom it’s also different. Some wedding outfits are so amazing that we love to wear them and marry in them. Here are listed some dazzling wedding outfits from all around the world.


Japan- the country with advanced technologies and best infrastructure have a unique wedding. Usually the bride has to wear an attire in white and red color.


In Ghana, the bride and groom are dressed in matching outfits which are colorful. Every family must have their own clothing pattern with different colors and patterns.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a slightly different tradition. Usually in every wedding everyone is keen to know about the bride’s outfit but here you can’t take your eyes off the groom.


Indian brides usually prefer their wedding outfit in red and pink color whereas the groom wears outfit in white or off white color. Indian brides wear a red mark on their head to show that she’s married.


Indian and Pakistani outfits are usually similar. In Pakistan they prefer their wedding outfit in green and red color.


Indonesia is a country of different cultures and civilization. It has 6 major religions and they all have their different traditions and outfits.


In China, the couple who are getting married wears red outfit. They are not allowed to wear wedding outfit in any other color. The bride wears a red veil which is afterwards removed by the groom after completion of the wedding ceremony.

South Korea

South Korean wedding outfits are so beautiful which also includes a hat. The groom and bride looks lika a god and the goddess.


Bali’s wedding outfits are so fascinating. The couple wears detailed attires which are really captivating. Alongwith the outfit they have to wear a headgear in gold color.


Nigerian bride chooses her own outfit and head tie in bright colors whereas the groom’s outfit also looks as graceful as bride’s outfit.