West Bengal Woman Sells Her Jewellery & Takes ₹3 Lakh Loan To Feed 400 Stray Dogs

West Bengal Woman Sells Her Jewellery & Takes ₹3 Lakh Loan To Feed 400 Stray Dogs

Our world is full of injustice and not everybody has the privilege to lead a happy life. What we need is a lot of compassion to realise the constant pain of those who are miserable and urgently need our help to survive. While we understand the sorrow of fellow humans, we often tend to neglect the helpless animals who are being mistreated and lack the proper food or shelter to live. Not all heroes wear capes and the 45-year-old Nilanjana Biswas from Kalyani in West Bengal has proved it with her benevolence and courageous spirit! 

Nilanjana has taken a bold step to not only fuel her love for stray dogs, but also to ensure that they never go hungry!

Though many of us make an honest attempt to feed a biscuit or two to these innocent animals, Nilanjana Biswas has taken social media by storm with her bold decision of selling off her jewellery (worth Rs.2 lakh) and by taking a personal bank loan (worth Rs.3.3 lakh) to feed an incredible number of stray dogs that’s close to 400. No, we are not kidding. We truly applaud her steady determination and will power that is hard to find in such a materialistic time! 

“I have always loved dogs. I have 13 dogs at home and 12 of them are street dogs. But I realised that I have certain responsibilities towards other dogs in the town too. So, I took up the job to look after the myself,” said Biswas.

At her home, there is a refrigerator for food storage and also a store for fuel (wood) to prepare food for the dogs. She has appointed three persons to help her out. Biswas looks after the dogs – she does everything from feeding them to getting them vaccinated. She feeds the dogs with rice and chicken everyday.

Biswas also tries to maintain hygiene while feeding the animals. “We first place a few plastic utensils along roads. Then, we pour chicken and rice in the utensils and water in separate ones. We clean the area and utensils after feeding the animals,” she said.

She added that though her husband and neighbours are against her passion for dogs, her two children support her. However, Biswas, a diabetic and heart patient, has urged the Municipality that the dogs be fed regularly in her absence.

Biswas’ compassionate nature makes us believe in goodness and selflessness. We appreciate her for being an epitome of kindness.


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