Wheelchair-Bound Woman Reportedly Asked To Stand Up At Delhi Airport, Told ‘Not To Do Drama’

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Reportedly Asked To Stand Up At Delhi Airport, Told ‘Not To Do Drama’

Recently an incident took place ,where a wheelchair bound disability rights activist and motivational speaker was reportedly harassed by a CISF woman constable at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Her name is Virali Modi.

She is a resident of US who has been paralyzed for the past 13 years due to a spinal cord injury in 2006.

She was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai when this incident happened at the airport. 

She shared her pain ,stating that the woman constable didn’t understand her condition and kept mentioning to her colleagues that it was all ‘drama’.

She quoted:”
I told them repeatedly that I had been paralysed for 13 years and there was no way I could walk. I told her that if she could make me stand up, then she could go for it. She kept saying that I was doing ‘drama’ and that I could easily stand but wasn’t willing to. I was almost in tears at this point”  

After all the mess spread by the woman constable , a senior CISF staff took the matter in his hands and conveyed his regret,

He quoted:”  I received a call from the head of the CISF in Delhi who expressed his regret about this situation and extended an invitation to meet him whenever I am in Delhi. He also wants me to give a soft-skill lesson to the CISF once I’m there. This of course does not resolve the situation, but it’s a stepping stone towards inclusion and fair treatment of those with disabilities. “

 Virali also stated that she had faced this unacceptable behavior at the Mumbai airport under similar circumstances.

There should be strict action taken for such incidences so that people like Virali doesn’t get the inconvenience .


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