In the whole universe of question has been never asked in the exam that a graduate school did,  Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIU) were made an impossible question in their Law of Crimes – I paper. The question been asked as follow:-

Ahmed who is a muslim guy kills a cow in a market in front of Rohit, Tushar, Manav and Rahul, who are Hindus. Has Ahmed submitted any offense?

This question has been exhibited in India, a nation that resembles a blended natural product bowl of different religions with clashed thoughts and perspectives. Also, the Hindu-Muslim situation the nation is seeing is as of now in a dilemma circumstance.

In spite of the sensitivness of the issue and realizing it may (and it has) irritate the two races , a law school, of a wide range of educational school, felt that this type of such a dicey question must not be asked, who ought to in fact be figuring out how to take a gander at mankind past the religious limits.

At the point when it is reached by The Indian Express, the university evidently unemotionally said that it “regretfull” the question and that it will “erase” it. The student will not entertain such a question.

“It is exceptionally unusual and is by all accounts an endeavor make aggressive concordance of society. Such type of question can destroy the harmony of the society. We won’t bear such unfortunate behavior. I am requesting a to the inquery department, and whenever this matter looks true, action must be taken against of it,” the Delhi Education Minister said.

Anyway, the fact of the matter is that the manner in which this inquiry has been curated demonstrates how typical it is for them to de-refine a whole india, against the law of the Indian constitution.

Amusingly, as delicate as we have progressed toward becoming to analysis, we have some way or another moved toward becoming desensitized towards masses other than our own, not dreading from swinging to viciousness to “show the others a thing or two”. In such circumstances, we have to step cautiously by ensuring we don’t spread into aggravated waters.

Notwithstanding the dilemma, irritating the Muslim people group and abusing the standards recorded in the preface of the Indian Constitution obviously was insufficient of a purpose behind the Principal of this school to raise this issue to the higher experts. Is it accurate to say that we are trifling with the Indian constitution excessively here or would we say we are sharpening the issue excessively?

In any case, against the setting of all the Hindu-Muslim battles like the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir ones, that appear to go on perpetually, such an inquiry, anyway it was a small incident, was totally uncalled for. It indicates how profound established our musings have moved toward becoming, not once notwithstanding thinking there exists degree to fuel a difference that could, who knows, end up becoming more regrettable. Why add fuel to flame, may I inquire?

In the event that we are anticipating serene conjunction, isn’t this simply showing the wrong picture into leaders of the up and coming age? The way this appears standardized must alerts our minds, demonstrating how radicalism of religion has figured out how to push away the significance of right training and helpful philosophies to achieve a harmony cherishing country.