Why Gandhiji’s killer Nathuram Godse Ashes have not been released in the River till date

Why Gandhiji’s killer Nathuram Godse Ashes have not been released in the River till date

It was the day of January 30, 1948 and the clock stuck 5:15 in the evening. Gandhiji was moving towards the prayer spot of Birla House with sharp steps. There was also a crowd there. Meanwhile, Nathuram Godse, came out of the crowd, blasted three bullets in Mahatma Gandhi’s body. After this incident, there was an atmosphere of aggravation everywhere. People started running away here and there. Even after hearing the news of Gandhiji’s murder, there was a silence in Birla House.

According to the then journalist Kuldeep Nayyar, at that time, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad and Englishman Lord Mountbatten were present in Birla House. Disgrace was scattered all over their face. Later Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru told the crowd outside Birla House that Gandhiji is no longer in this world.

In connection with the assassination of Gandhiji, Nathuram Godse was arrested and presented in court. The court sentenced Godse to be hanged till death. Godse also admitted in court that he had killed Gandhiji. Keeping his side, Godse told the court that I respect the country which Gandhiji has served and that was why he bowed in his honor before shooting him, but because he made two pieces of unbroken India, that is why he shot Gandhiji.

Nathuram Godse was hanged in Ambala jail on November 15, 1949. Prior to the execution, Godse had a map of Gita and Akhand India in one hand and in the other hand he had a saffron flag. It is said that before the hanging, Godse had pronounced ‘Namaste Sada Vatsale’ and also some slogans.

You would be surprised to know that Godse’s ashes have not been immersed in the river till now, but are kept safe in the room of a building located in Shivaji Nagar area of ​​Pune. Apart from Godse’s ashes urn, some of his clothes and hand-written notes are also kept in that room.

Nathuram Godse’s niece Himani Savarkar had said during an interview that Godse’s body was not given to the family, but after hanging, the government itself had performed his last rites on the banks of Ghagghar river. After this, his ashes were given to them in a box. Since Godse had a last wish, his family has not yet released his ashes in the river, but they are kept safe in a silver urn.

According to Himani Savarkar, Nathuram Godse had said to his family as his last wish that his ashes should be kept till the Indus river was absorbed into independent India and again the unbroken India would be created. After this dream is completed, my ashes should be flown in the river Indus. That is the reason that Godse’s family has kept his ashes in place till date.