Will Justice Be Done? Man Beats A Three-Year-Old Female Dog To Death With A Wooden Pole

Will Justice Be Done? Man Beats A Three-Year-Old Female Dog To Death With A Wooden Pole

Treating bad to the innocent animals is very common now days. These animals ,which are speechless does not have any option apart from bearing the harm which these humans do to them.

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In many recent cases , the case of Mumbai ,where a dog named Lucky was beaten to death by security guards of a building. 

Now, news of another little dog being beaten to death in Mumbai, has come forward. A three-year-old female dog called Sweety was hacked to death with a wooden pole while she was asleep at Phoolpada in Virar (east).

Mitesh Jain , the honorary district animal welfare officer TOI quoted , “The residents of Jha Niwas had informed me on Friday (November 22) that Rakesh Sahani had repeatedly hit Sweety in the afternoon. By the time some of the locals rushed to save her, Sweety had been terribly injured and was writhing in pain.”

Other 20 locals went to the Virar police station the same day and lodged an FIR against Sahani on charges of animal cruelty .

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Police inspector, J D Patil told TOI “After the FIR was lodged, our team went to the residence of the accused on Saturday, but his family members said he was not at home. We are conducting further probe,

These all crimes are nonpunishable til now that’s why these type of people are so much fearless to execute these ruthless acts .They don’t even think twice before committing the same.

It really needs a stone heart to beat a sleeping dog to death. These acts should be punishable as people will not take it seriously till they fear of getting a severe punishment .


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