Without these 10 Bollywood Superheroes We can’t Imagine Action in Hindi Movies

Without these 10 Bollywood Superheroes We can’t Imagine Action in Hindi Movies

The action genre is probably the most enjoyed one in Bollywood. All the quint essentially Bollywood movies have one mandatory ingredient in their masala i.e. action. None of the Bhai and Khiladi movies could have been made without it. The impossible action moves and the concept of a one-man army thrill us action movie lovers. The flying cars and dodged bullets provide us with our adrenaline dose for the day.

So who are the people who make these action movies so thrilling with their presence? Let’s have a look at the top 10 action heroes of Bollywood.

1- Ajay Devgn

You’ll hardly be able to recall a movie that features Ajay Devgn but no action. He entered the industry on two bikes (watch Phool Aur Kaante) and since then martial arts in movies became his thing. Listing down his action movies will need a lot of time and even more space here. 

2- Akshay Kumar

There’s a reason he is called Khiladiyo ka Khiladi. He is among the few who led the trend of actors doing their own stunts. There are countless action sequences he is famous for but the one that still stands out is when he was standing atop an airplane in Khiladi 420.

3- Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik debuted with a movie that went into the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the maximum number of awards ever. He showed us his dance moves and acting skills and later became the first Super Hero of Bollywood.

4- John Abraham

As if his dimples were not enough, John even has a body to die for. From the intro scene of Dhoom till Force 2, John has made us drool over him every damn time. It won’t be quite true if we say he has got the craft right but he has something that is more than that, which makes him look like the guy of every girl’s dream. 

5- Salman Khan

Salman might be fondly called Prem but Radhe Bhaiya is loved more by the masses, undoubtedly. Shuffling between romance and action, Sallu Bhai has excelled in the genre action-romance. Who doesn’t remember the climax of Wanted or Dabangg?

6- Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is known as the Khalnayak of Bollywood. Need we say more about him? He has this aura that gives you a don’t-mess-with-me vibes and simultaneously his body language makes you remember the loving Munna Bhai. Kurukshetra,Aatish, Kartoos are some recommended watches.

7- Suniel Shetty

Suniel Shetty’s recent transformation has made him one of the sexiest dads alive. He might not be as active in films but he will always be the Anna of B-Town. Who else will just spread chilly powder all over his wounds, body and face to invoke more anger in a body that is about to collapse (watch Aaghaaz and thank us later for introducing you guys to this film).

8- Sunny Deol

The dhai kilo ka haath has beaten to pulp way too many baddies. Sunny Deol is undoubtedly the most powerful action hero the industry has ever seen. If you think you need to reconfirm, watch Big Brother. Do not miss the iron rod part!

9- Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff has made his distinctive place in Bollywood with his dancing prowess and mad fitness levels. He has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood for doing action like no other actor before him and continues to amplify his image with gravity-defying moves. All set to witness the release of his eighth film Baaghi 3, the actor is far ahead of his competitors with the constant refrain in Bollywood being “few can do what Tiger can”.

10- Vidyut Jamwaal

Vidyut showed us his potential right with his debut film. He shared the screen space with John Abraham and was praised for his physique. That is something. He is a martial art expert and in Commando he showed us just that. He is considered one of the best action stars of the contemporary age. 


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