Woman Catches Her BF Cheating After Fitbit Records ‘Unusual Activity’ at 4 AM, Read her Tweet

Woman Catches Her BF Cheating After Fitbit Records ‘Unusual Activity’ at 4 AM, Read her Tweet

With the advancement of the technology ,comes several ways to snoop in the business of almost everyone around us ,whom you are interested.But sometimes it comes as a blessing to the ones who cares for their loved ones but they cheat on them without thinking twice.

Today, we share you the case where a guy is caught cheating after girlfriend spots Fitbit physical activity spike at 4 AM.

The incident happened with (ex)partner of NFL correspondent Jane Slater, who was caught out thanks to some rather telling Fitbit data.The fact he just forgot that he’d synced up his device with Jane’s to boost up each other every time they workout .

When Jane had a view of the fitness summary, she noticed a spike in physical activity at 4am.

Jane told her 123,000 followers: “An Ex Boyfriend once got me a Fitbit for Christmas. I loved it. We synched up, motivated each other

“Didn’t hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4am and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app – wish the story wasn’t real.” she added.

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, “Spoiler alert: he was not enrolled in an OrangeTheory class at 4am.” OrangeTheory is a US-based fitness franchise specialising in high intensity personal trainer workouts.”

No one is aware what happened in the next step. But it sounds too awkward when technology actually caught anyone cheating against the partner.

Sounds like he got binned the minute Jane found out – here’s hoping she’s found someone new (who doesn’t like to ‘exercise’ in the wee hours of the morning).

Let’s see the comments she got on her post :

One wrote: “Called my ex repeatedly one night without any answer which was v bizarre ESPECIALLY bc it was my bday…. continued calling throughout the night until he accidentally picked up on his Apple watch, mid f*** with another girl from his hometown L O L good times.”

Another wrote: “My ex husband got caught in an affair because he was wearing the training watch and heartbeat monitor my mom bought him for Christmas – while ‘running’. It was the under-one-minute heart rate spike that confirmed things for me!”

Jane also added in the comments to her tweet: “I also had a guy get drunk and bring another girl home forgetting I was spending the night there. We were set to go to church the next morning and I stayed in to get sleep. I could write a book.”.

Cheating is bad indeed .What you guys have to say about it..


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