Woman Dresses Up As A Bush To Secretly Click Candid Pics Of Her Sister’s Proposal

Woman Dresses Up As A Bush To Secretly Click Candid Pics Of Her Sister’s Proposal

It’s one thing to be excited about your sister’s fiance proposing her, and quite another to play Sherlock Holmes to click pictures of her big moment. That is exactly what this American woman did, and guess what she dressed up as, in order to not be seen? She dressed up as a bush!

Yes, it’s as hilarious as it sounds! She went undercover to sneakily click pictures of her sister’s proposal. Her stunt has now gone viral online, making everybody – including us – laugh out loud. 

This scene would not look out of place when played out on the big screen as part of a romcom. This, however, is no funny movie. It actually happened in real life.

Of course, Therese did it not just to creep on the two. Being the family videographer, she also captured the sweet moment which was carefully planned by the loving husband-to-be.

Therese Merkel took to Twitter on Tuesday to share how she dressed up as a green bush to camouflage herself as she clicked pictures of her sister’s proposal. She shared three pictures on her Twitter post in which two of them showed her dressing up in a bush costume and the third one shows her sister’s boyfriend proposing to her. 

And after her sister said ‘yes’, she blew her own cover in excitement. Therese said:  “I revealed my organic-looking self by screaming ‘She said yes’. Rachel was very confused and I was legit crying tears of joy because of how special the whole event was.”

The images posted by Therese made it quite evident that she remained camouflaged by the surrounding bushes, while the proposal was happening and we are genuinely impressed by her skills.

She even took some beautiful, candid pictures of her sister, Rachel Merkel’s engagement with Andrew. Surely she is a winner if there ever was a Sister of The Year award.

In the comments section, many have applauded Therese’s dedication towards getting the perfect proposal pic. A lot of people also tagged their friends and sisters, asking them to do something as ‘extra’.


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