Woman Leaves Husband Of 18 Years For Her African Lover Whom She Met On Internet!

Woman Leaves Husband Of 18 Years For Her African Lover Whom She Met On Internet!

In this virtual world which is on so much hype ,we all know the pros and cons of the internet. As we are so much dependent on the gadgets ,some take it fun and some just can’t imagine their survival without the same.

But then comes ,the people who find their way out to have peace,love ,adventure and sometimes betray too.

Today ,we present you a story ,where a wifey plans to divorce her hubby as she got involved with a guy over internet .

Yes, it’s a case of 18 YO marriage of Sarah and Keith who have kids too. As the passed by ,Sarah discovered many options to chat ,text and message many African men ( she must be having a real crave for those men).

Coming back to the topic ,she started chatting with this guy named Kevin who is a pastor in Kenya. He initiated and made an orphanage for the poor children of Kenya .

When they met virtually, liked each other so much that they even had virtual love . What should we call this now?? Now Sarah is ready to go to Africa to marry Kevin.

For the help ,now Sarah went on a Dr. Phil show, for the need of some BBC action .yes , I’m talking about that big black.

Sarah is totally not having it all she wants to do is go to Africa to marry this guy. So they end up dialing up Kevin are four of them you know Sarah, her parents and even her husband Keith who has some kind of words for pastor Kevin over here.

Kevin says that he doesn’t care that she’s married and he actually says the Sarah plans on divorcing Keith once she gets over to Kenya. Kevin just sits here completely unfazed by this guy and Dr. Phil tries to play the creepy uncle slash racist cop role once again like he always does .

Sarah is just carefree and only one purpose is grounded her mind and that is to go and meet her man in Kenya .Breaking all the stereotypes ,she chose this black-man. .We don’t know that if she is right or wrong but one thing is or sure that she is truly listening to her heart.


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