Women Are Growing Out Their Body Hair For ‘Januhairy’ To Raise Funds To Tackle Climate Change

Women Are Growing Out Their Body Hair For ‘Januhairy’ To Raise Funds To Tackle Climate Change

Women across the globe are being encouraged to ditch razors and wax strips for the month of January in a bid to ‘encourage the acceptance of body hair on women’.

The Januhairy campaign was launched last year to empower women to embrace their natural bodies while also raising money for charity.

It was started by 22 year old Laura Jackson after she said advertising and the media enforced the idea that the natural hair women grow on their bodies is ‘unattractive and distasteful’.

Kicking off the campaign for its second year, Januhairy is again encouraging women to let their body hair grow naturally for the month in an effort to normalise the look.

The official Facebook page wrote on the first day of the month:
“A very hairy new year to you all!! Today marks the first day of #januhairy2020where women all over the world come together to drop our razors for the month of January.

The focus may be on women, but this movement includes all genders and identities. Let’s educate one another on ALL experiences within this ‘prickly’ subject.

Our charity focus this year is to support TreeSisters in protecting, restoring and funding reforestation… We envision a world in which it is normal for everyone to protect and restore themselves and their world, a plight we resonate with as women, to protect and restore our personal natural habitats!

If you are not personally joining in with Januhairy this year, I encourage you to talk about the it with others; if we see the same things again and again, it becomes normal.

I hope the new year has wonderful things in store for each and every one of you!”

Januhairy is aiming to raise £2,500 for TreeSisters, which fights to protect and restore natural habitats in order to tackle climate change. 


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