Workers In Mukesh Ambani’s House Earn A LOT More Than You Ever Imagine!

Workers In Mukesh Ambani’s House Earn A LOT More Than You Ever Imagine!

Mukesh Ambani is the richest businessmen of India. Not only in India, but he is popular as an excellent businessman worldwide also. It is no surprise that Ambanis lives an extravagant lifestyle. Ambani’s house Antilia in Mumbai is one of the top 10 expensive houses in the world.

The Ambani’s Antilia residence is build of 27-floors. The home has 27 floors with extra-high ceilings. The home was also designed to survive an earthquake rated 8 on the Richter scale. It is considered by some to be the tallest single-family house in the world. You will find almost everything about the building on the web.

It includes a staff of 600 to maintain the residence 24/7. The 600 kinds of stuff seem a bit too much, but if you consider the house it seems appropriate. They have their own chefs, gym, spa, and parking lots for their expensive cars, swimming pools, helipads and much more. But, we are not looking to discuss all this stuff.

But do you know the salary of workers who works at Mukesh Ambani’s house. You will be surprised to know how much a worker in the house earns. They earn much more than an engineer and MBA in the country. Workers in the house are similar to government servants, as they need to have special skills in order to work in the house.

One of the most amazing facts about these workers is that they are treated like a family member rather than a servant. All the family members treat them with respect.

Currently, the employee working in the Ambani house earns Rs. 2 lakhs per month, which would vary based on their job responsibility. Back in 2011, their minimum salary was Rs. 6,000. But, now the minimum salary is Rs. 2 lakhs.

Antilia is also included with Z security, for which they have to pay Rs. 15 lakh. Usually, Z security is provided to an individual if they approach home ministry of India with terror threat on them.

The house has received positive as well as negative publicity. Some of the people in India feel proud of the building, whereas some hate it. 


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