Working Professional Couple Sells Poha & Idli On Street To Support 55-YO Maid With Paralysed Husband

Working Professional Couple Sells Poha & Idli On Street To Support 55-YO Maid With Paralysed Husband

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is busy with their own lives and barely has the time to look at or think about other people. Every time we come across or hear about someone’s misery, we show sympathy towards them, especially if it’s on social media. We like that post, at the most maybe leave an emotional comment and that’s about it. We feel that our job is done, and so we move on with our respective lives.

What we don’t realise is that they need our help and support, and not just virtual sympathy. 

Recently, an MBA couple in Mumbai did exactly that by standing strong with their household help, proving that humanity still exists in the world.

The couple’s heartwarming story was shared on social media by a Facebook user called Deepali Bhatia, who narrated how she went on a hunt for food and came back with a story that is one of the most inspiring acts of kindness.

According to her, on the early morning of Wednesday, while hunting for good food she landed on a small stall right outside Kandivali station. 

The couple sold all kind of food items like Pohas , Upma , Parathas , Idli . But the woman felt like there was something different about them. They seemed from a well-off background and didn’t look like they needed money from a gig like this.

“Looking at the Sellers they looked from Gujarati family and after trying some food I asked them how come they are selling food on road,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

So, she asked the couple about why are they selling food on the streets and they answered with quite a heartwarming reply,

 “We are selling stuff cooked by our maid who is 55 years old and whose husband is down with Paralysis.”

The couple works as professionals with reputed firms. The husband has completed his master’s degree in communication and works as a Business Development Manager. The wife works as Team Lead, Business Development with a reputed firm.

The couple also added that they work from 4 am to 10 am and then head to work. Referring to them as superheroes in her post, Bhatia praised the couple and said they were “working to support their cook so that at this age she doesn’t have to run for financial aid.”

The heartwarming gesture touched many online and they showered love and praise on the couple for their amazing act of kindness.

People, like this wonderful couple, prove that where there’s a will, there’s always a way to make the world a better place. 

Such is the inspiration we all need in our lives.


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