WTF! Salman Khan refused to Play Hero in These 6 Iconic Bollywood Movies

WTF! Salman Khan refused to Play Hero in These 6 Iconic Bollywood Movies

Several contemporary blockbusters, which had done wonders for their lead actors, were turned down by other Bollywood A-listers.

Here’s a list of movies that Salman Khan didn’t associate with, leading to his colleagues starring in them.

1- Ghajini

Now, this role was definitely made for Salman Khan in all senses. Though Aamir Khan did a superb job, Salman could have also pulled off the role well. In fact, Aamir himself recommended Salman’s name after reading the script. But the role ultimately fell into Aamir’s lap.

2- Baazigar

The movie that began Shah Rukh Khan’s journey to stardom, was reportedly first offered to Salman Khan by director duo Abbas-Mustan. However, as Salman didn’t want to play a negative role or character with shades of grey, he had rejected the film. And Shah Rukh Khan, who was still not a star at the time, took up the role in a heart beat. The film went on to become an iconic one, not only at the box-office but even today, fans consider it as one of SRK’s best performances.

3- Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

While Yash Raj Films initially wanted to cast Salman Khan in the lead role, but ‘Bhai’ wasn’t interested to play a lover boy from London. The film was also offered to Aamir Khan, before it fell into Shah Rukh’s kitty. DDLJ was also Aditya Chopra’s debut as a director and if Salman had known at the time, that this film would complete a 1000 weeks at the theatres or become one of the most iconic Bollywood films of all-time, we can bet he wouldn’t have rejected it.

The character of Raj was first offered to Saif Ali Khan who turned down the role of Raj Malhotra after which Shah Rukh Khan came into the picture. Yup. Needless to say, movie has a cult following in India.

4- Josh

Among all the films Salman has rejected and got replaced by SRK, this is definitely the one, in which, we feel that Salman would have been a better fit. While the film wasn’t a blockbuster, yet, it was talked about quite a bit. However, it was revealed that Salman had rejected the film because he didn’t want to play Aishwarya Rai’s brother, as the two were seeing each other at the time.

5- Chak De India

Arguably Shah Rukh Khan’s best acting performance to date, other than Swades, Chak De! India is a fan favourite of the actor. However, the film was first offered to Salman, who couldn’t take time out of his busy schedule and had to let go of this one as well. The film went on to become a huge hit and an iconic film in the history of Indian cinema.

6- Kal Ho Naa Ho

Another SRK blockbuster film that Salman Khan rejected. But wait, there is a twist. Karan Johar had not offered Shah Rukh’s role to Salman, rather he had offered him the part played by Saif Ali Khan. But, it was rumoured that Salman was not happy with his screen-time in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and consequently, didn’t want to play a supporting role to another SRK-led film.


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