WTF! These 10 Highly Expensive Things Are Owned By Bollywood Queen Deepika Padukone

WTF! These 10 Highly Expensive Things Are Owned By Bollywood Queen Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood. Within a span of nearly 14 years the actress has managed to build a successful career for herself and now is valued at nearly ₹103 crores with yearly annual income of over ₹21 crores.

With her immense dedication, hard work and smart career choices she has managed to build an empire of her own. Even though she has been married to Ranveer Singh, the actress has maintained her individual identity, thus becoming a source of inspiration.

Here’s a list of ten insanely extravagant and expensive things that Deepika owns- all thanks to her obscenely high pay cheques.

1- Vintage Check Trench Coat

Like other actresses, Deepika is too obsessed with big brands. And undoubtedly, she owns many expensive trench coats including a vintage trendy trench coat from the famous British fashion brand, Burberry. The trench coat reportedly costs ₹1.75 lakh.

2- Fendi Dotcom Studded Satchel

This chic calf-leather satchel bag with metallic ABS studs may flag a few animal-right activists, but it is one of the finest in the fashion world and costs a whopping ₹2.52 lakh. Deepika owns this and even flaunts it with pride.

3- Chanel Boy Flap Bag

Deepika is a proud owner of many expensive bags. The actress owns a super-expensive electric blue coloured and gun-metal aged silver hardware Chanel Boy Flap Bag, worth ₹3.45 lakh.

4- Tissot Classic Prince Diamonds Rose Gold

The diva is fond of fancy wrist watches. She owns a Tissot Classic Prince Diamonds Rose Gold wristwatch which is made out of 18 carats of solid rose gold case with diamonds and a silver dial. The watch costs ₹8 lakh.

5- Hermes Birkin Bag

She also owns a beige coloured Hermes Birkin bag that costs a whopping ₹8.03 lakh. She is often spotted flaunting her bag.

6- BMW 5 series

The diva is extremely fond of luxury cars. Deepika owns a BMW 5 Series worth ₹64 lakh, which is one of the first vehicles that she drove into her garage before it expanded into a fleet of luxury vehicles.

7- Audi A8 and Q7

If you think Deepika only owns BMW 5 Series, then you are wrong. She also owns Audi A8 and Audi Q7, which costs ₹1.56 crore and ₹93.35 lakh, respectively.

8- Mercedes Maybach S500

Deepika is one of the few Bollywood celebs who own Mercedes Maybach S500. The luxury vehicle costs ₹1.67 crore. Deepika owns one of the few in black.

9- Apartment in Cozihome

In 2007, after her debut in Bollywood, the actress bought an apartment in Cozihome for a whopping ₹7 crore. The apartment is located in Bandra, Mumbai. The diva reportedly has given the flat on rent for ₹2 lakh per month.

10- Apartment at Beaumonde Towers

Deepika owns a 4-BHK apartment in the Beaumonde Towers Society in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Deepika’s house is on the 26th floor, for which she has paid a whopping amount of ₹40 crore.


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