WTF! These ‘World’s Most Identical Twins’ Take Turns To Have S3X With Shared Boyfriend

WTF! These ‘World’s Most Identical Twins’ Take Turns To Have S3X With Shared Boyfriend

Sisters Anna and Lucy De Cinque, dubbed the “world’s most identical twins” have revealed they take it in turns to have sex in one giant, king-size bed with their shared boyfriend.

Anna and Lucy, 33, bizarrely revealed they had sex with long-term love Ben Byrne, 34, in front of one another while discussing their lives on Australian TV show, Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

The twins, who often speak at the same time, explained how mechanic Ben lived with them and their mum in Perth, Western Australia.

“It’s a separate king-size bed, bigger than a king-size – about an inch bigger,” one of the twins said, describing the bed for three. “Maybe six inches bigger.”

The twins then explained Ben sleeps in the middle, holding their hands.


Asked if they are all in the bed when they are having sex, one of the twins said: “Yes, that’s it. That’s all we’re saying. We’re never apart.”

Hughesey asks if Ben might have sex with one of the twins if the other was asleep.

“That would never happen,” Lucy said. “There’s no jealousy in the relationship. If Ben kissed Anna he will kiss me.”

Anna added:  ‘Ben accepts us he doesn’t mind that we dress alike and want to be together, he doesn’t judge us.

‘We always have each others backs there’s always two against one. He gets double the love double the attention.’ 

The sisters also expressed their desire to marry their longterm boyfriend, however polygamy is banned under the Australian Marriage Act 1961. 

“We would like to marry him one day but the law in Australia says we can’t,” the twins explained.

The twins uploaded the sneak peek of the appearance with the caption: ‘We share a unique problem. WE WANT TO MARRY THE SAME MAN.’ 

Hughes and two other fellow guests struggled to wrap their heads around the sisters’ plight laughing and cracking jokes about their unusual issue.

Prior to their familial situation, Anna and Lucy spent $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to make themselves look more alike, and they go to extraordinary lengths to make sure everything stays identical.

Lucy said: “If she goes to the toilet, I have to go at the same time because we eat and drink the same, we shower together, we’re just never apart.

“It’s stressful being us, we have to measure our plates, everything has to be identical.”

And the sisters told how they would want to be pregnant at the same time.

“We would need to be pregnant together,” they admitted, adding Ben was supportive of their desire to marry him.

They were named the “most identical twins in the world” after going up against another pair of twins on a Japanese talk show and beating them in a series of challenges to see who was most identical.

The sisters first found fame after they spent thousands on matching surgery to remain identical.

When they reached their 20s, the sisters opted for years of lip fillers, breast implants, facial tattooing, skin needling, laser treatments and even eyebrows and hair extensions.

But the twins – who once had 14 beauty procedures in two weeks – later decided to have their eyebrow and lip tattoos removed and let their fillers dissolve after realising they’d overdone the procedures. 

The duo also revealed on Australia’s TODAY show their hopes of marrying the same boyfriend of eight years – electrical mechanic Ben Byrne who they both love and share a bed with.

‘If we can change the law and the government, we’d love to marry Ben. I mean love is love, we’re all adults – we should marry the same man,’ Anna said.

‘This is what works for us. People need to get that, we’re not hurting anyone and this is what works for us in this relationship, so we’re really happy with Ben.’

Lucy chimed in: ‘We might marry Ben, hopefully one day. Our mum is actually convincing us to give birth naturally so I don’t know how that’s going to work because we need to be pregnant at the same time.

‘There’s a lot of pressure on Ben, but it’s all up to him.’

Besides looking alike, the sisters also share everything together, including their bed. 

But before going into details, the siblings questioned whether it was possible for them to fall pregnant at the same time.

‘[We’re] not sure if that’s possible… It’s a bit of a dilemma, isn’t it?’ they said.

‘Oh my God, just imagine if you got pregnant… and I didn’t get pregnant. But imagine if we did get pregnant at the same time.

‘At the end of the day, that’s not really a call we can make. And that’s when nature comes in I think. You can’t control these things.

‘But it would be amazing if we got pregnant at the same time. Even if my kid was born in the same week as yours.’

Clearly confused, the pair were quick to point out how their children would be related since they would be sharing the same father.

‘People would be saying “would they be cousins?”‘ they said in the video.

‘Would they look the same? They would be related hey? I don’t know…  Man this is just fascinating… I find this fascinating.’

The pair said they have also looked at other options to conceive their babies in case their plans don’t follow through, including surrogacy, IVF and adoption.

‘If we both can’t get pregnant at the same time, maybe that’s the road we’ve got to go down?’ they said.