You Are Now Free To Enjoy A Prisoner’s Life At Tihar

You Are Now Free To Enjoy A Prisoner’s Life At Tihar

This is what you can expect while you are Tihar Jail, serving your time (not so much).

Remembering the rising interest of individuals to include and encounter rather unusual ways of life, to accomplish more introduction and comprehension of the world, Tihar Jail experts are currently glad to make you feel like a detainee (not truly).

The Jail experts have been chipping away at a task where guests can appreciate life in Tihar, as they get the opportunity to live in cells simply like the detainees – we don’t know about the getting a charge out of bit, truly. As indicated by reports, new settlement cells have been developed under the administration venture, Feel Like Jail, and an endorsement demand for the equivalent has be sent to state home division. It is being said that the five new cells have connected toilets and a washroom in the jail compound, and a security review has just been directed. The voyagers, while carrying on with the correctional facility life will, notwithstanding, not be permitted to communicate with the detainees.

The task was considered a year ago after the experts got countless supplications to visit one of the greatest correctional facilites in the nation, that houses the absolute most disliked culprits ever. When the task commences, sightseers will almost certainly book tickets on Delhi Tourism site. Aside from living in cells, they will be given a lot of prison uniform, should rest on the floor, and eat what the detainees are given, while likewise being a piece of every day exercises like granulating wheat (correctional facility ki chakki chalaani padegi, correctional facility ka paani padega).

While there are no reports on the endorsement yet, we are excitedly hanging tight to perceive how this prison life makes vacationers feel, perhaps simply the dread of living in those horrible cells will really check down the wrongdoing rate – we are cheerful here!


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