You’ll Be Missed Grandpa: 73-Year old YouTuber ‘Grandpa’ Who Used To Cook For Orphans, Passes Away

You’ll Be Missed Grandpa: 73-Year old YouTuber ‘Grandpa’ Who Used To Cook For Orphans, Passes Away

There are times when social media showcases angelic people who were selflessly dedicated to spreading happiness. One such man was Narayana Reddy from Telangana. Affectionately known as “Grandpa”, this 73-year old breathed his last on 27 October 2019. He was popular for the cooking channel “Grandpa Kitchen” on YouTube.

With a following of over six million subscribers, this Grandpa had become an internet sensation in two years. Having started on YouTube in 2017, viewers across the world loved to watch this adorable man cook a range of cuisines, especially in large quantities.

The additional highlight was that these massive dishes were done up to feed underprivileged children and orphans. The means to such a noble cause became everyone’s favourite and slowly requests had started pouring in from across the world.

From cooking 500 packets of Maggi in one go to teaching netizens how to prepare KFC-styled chicken, Grandpa Kitchen became a regular part of many cooking aspirants and budding chefs.

He will also be remembered for his mouth-watering sweet dishes such as Oreo Pudding, gulab jamuns, etc.

The bio on his channel read this:

“We entertain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities. Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans.”

Grandpa cooked crispy potato fingers, his last meal, on September 20. He had been away from cooking duties since then due to his deteriorating health.

Last week, he made his final appearance on his channel just to give updates on his health. 

But leaving millions of his fans heartbroken, Grandpa bid adieu to his kitchen. Leaving behind a legacy of recipes, memories and his famous line “Loving, caring and sharing. This is my family.”

Rest in Peace!


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