Zomato prompts trend with tweet, then shows who’s boss with a new one

Zomato prompts trend with tweet, then shows who’s boss with a new one

Zomato India has – time and again – won Twitter’s consideration and adulation for their eccentric tweets. Their most recent post can be considered as a part of those exceptional tweets. The official Twitter handle of the nourishment conveyance administration posted a joking tweet that immediately transformed into something of a pattern on the miniaturized scale blogging webpage. And keeping in mind that everybody started duplicating the organization to share their own tweets, Zomato demonstrated exactly who the supervisor is with some master level trolling.

Everything began on July 3 when Zomato tweeted:
“Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye.” (Guys, you should sometimes eat home cooked food as well.)

The tweet, while gathering huge amounts of ‘likes’ and retweets, additionally began a little pattern. A few people and handles had comparative energetic posts.

Presently, even as comparative tweets flood Twitter, it’s Zomato that has demonstrated precisely who’s supervisor.

With a screen capture of a few such tweets, here’s the way Zomato trolled the handles.

Since being shared exactly five hours prior, Zomato’s most current tweet has gathered more than 6,700 ‘preferences’ and more than 1,800 retweets.

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