5 Reasons Why Shah Rukh’s Era In Bollywood Is Over!

5 Reasons Why Shah Rukh’s Era In Bollywood Is Over!

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Hello people , our today’s story is all about the King of Bollywood , yes we are talking about Shahrukh Khan . He has been the heartthrob of all the girls since decades . His gestures just mesmerize and as they say when he roamance , love is in the air.

But but but …. every King has to leave his throne after he gets old .. and it seems that SRK has come into that scenario where people are just talking about him that his era in bollywood is over now .

The reasons behind it may be relatable to many

Let’s have a look:

1. Selection of movies

After he gave the superhit movie FAN , he almost gave nil hits to the audience . His choice or selection of movies have been just tasteless to his fans and they are not enjoying them thoroughly. Some of them were Dilwale, Jab Harry met Sejal and how can we forget Zero..

2. Age factor

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When we say age is just a number , it definitely means that the roles one actor does is according to the age he is in and with the grace he justify it . When we talk about SRK , he has turned 53 now and lead roles are just not his cup of tea now . Nonetheless, he is good in justifying other roles .

3. Tough Competition

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With the entry of the new and young actors in Bollywood industry , the competition has become really tough and it’s hard to beat them because of their polished skills . From acting to dance ,from physique to their aura for the audience , they are in a win -win situation . So it has become difficult for the older ones to grab a hot seat more often .

4. Too much experimenting with roles

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Shahrukh has always been experimentive with the movies , especially produced by him . The worst examples are RA1 and Zero ,where he just tried hard or we can say very hard but did not succeed at all.

5. More focus on business

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His renowned production is named as Red Chillies Entertainment , which has given hits but flops too . He is actually more focused in making money and the content just missed in that case .

Even though he is the King Khan but every actor has his peak and downfall too .

What you guys think about this ? Please feel free to share your views..


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