Newborn Baby Makes The Grumpiest Faces Throughout Her Photo Shoot, See Pics

Newborn Baby Makes The Grumpiest Faces Throughout Her Photo Shoot, See Pics

Babies always have the funniest and unusual facial expressions, and this newborn photoshoot is nothing shy of hilarious. Most newborn shoots consist of babies wrapped up in swaddle blankets and posing with headbands or in baskets. Well, this newborn let everyone in the room know she’s not happy about it with some hysterical grumpy expressions.

Luna Musa, of Westerville, Ohio, is only three weeks old — and she’s already internet famous for her Resting Babe Face. In the pics shared on social media by photographer Justine Tuhy, Luna’s mood is obvious — and it’s a bad one. Tuhy described it as “the best baby facial expressions I have ever captured!”

Luna’s dad insisted her surly expression during the shoot was no act. “She’s been mean-mugging since day one. She’s either mean-mugging non-stop, or just unimpressed,” Luna’s dad Christian Musa told a news agency.

Tuhy says that most of the time, newborns will sleep throughout the entire shoot, but Luna was more interested in looking at everything that was happening around her. Tuhy swears Luna wasn’t as crabby as she looks during the shoot.

“She was completely content,” she says. “She just gave me the stare-down the entire time.”

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She’s got this staring game on point!

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However, it is her “grumpy” face that has made her a sensation on social media. Though netizens could not stop laughing at Luna’s expressions, they found her cute. Check’em out:

We reckon Baby Luna could definitely give Baby Yoda a run for his money.


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