10 Bollywood Movies which Gave Strong but hidden Social Message

10 Bollywood Movies which Gave Strong but hidden Social Message

Bollywood has always been an inspiration to the society . It reveals things which are otherwise seen in reality but not many people are aware about the harsh truth that some of the movies can teach as examples.

Presenting you some of the brilliant movies which gives a prompt message to the society

Let’s have a look:


The brilliant movie which actually broke all the hypocrisies about a very regular thing called periods . When all knows about it , still feels it like a taboo , the movie showed the issue in a very simple yet affirmed manner.


Movie Stree gave a message to the society that every human should get respect , whatever work they do .The movie was a hit .

Secret Superstar

Another superhit movie which shows the harsh reality of society where dependent women are being treated as puppet and gets trapped in the web of domestic violence . How the lady gets out of the trap and backfire her husband is shown in a great manner .

 3 Idiots

In the scenario, where studies are limited upto only Engineering and Medical field , this movie gives a great message that every child is special and needs to be taken care so that they do not commit a thing like suicide .

 Hindi Medium

Hindi medium is also one of the unique film that shows the reality of the truth of the education system and identifies it’s loop holes . It gives a prompt message that how admission procedure should not be biased on the basis of wealth , keeping the talent on stake.


Movie which shows an odd against the society and male chauvinists who think that woman’s character is based on the situation she reacts . It was a block buster hit .

 Udta Punjab

The intoxication of youth was shown in the film and how Punjab got in the trap for the same . The film gave a message about the rehab situations and bringing the youth back on track.


Image result for PK

The movie talks about the people who are trapped in the web of fake religious practices . Being one of the controversial film , it got a big hit giving a positive message of brotherhood and love .

Peepli Live

Image result for Peepli Live

The conditions in which a farmer commits suicide is the story-line of the film . It tells how drought effects the life of farmers and lack of proper funds leads them to commit suicide .


Another female oriented film which tells us about the human trafficking and how a police inspector turns out to be the saviour of the girls being sold by the brothel keeper . It was a hit ..


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