14 Weird Things That Were Sold At Insane Amount

14 Weird Things That Were Sold At Insane Amount

There are a number of absolutely bizarre items up for grabs via auction across the globe – online or under the hammer – and some of these items can fetch a staggering amount of money, as confusing as it may seem.

Here are 14 strange or unexpected items that have been sold for a really large sum of money.

1- Mess – $4 million

In 1988, British artist Tracey Emin had spent several days in bed when she was deeply depressed due to hardships in her relationships. Later she sold the installation made of trash and leftovers at an auction which she called “My Bed” to Charles Saatchi for $150,000. The man turned around and resold this item as a symbol of suicidal depression for $4 million.

2- Half-used glass of water – $455

In 1977, famous American singer, Elvis Presley drank a little water from a glass after one of his concerts in North Carolina. After that, the remaining water was sold on eBay by a man named Wade Jones, for $455.

3- Hair – $1 million

In 2007, the famous American singer, Britney Spears, shaved her head bald. The owner of the salon where she had her hair cut, auctioned the hair and sold it for $1 million.

4- Entertainment – $ 3,000

Four Australian boys sold their time on eBay. They offered a fun-filled weekend with them for $3,000. The program of the event included drinks, snacks, and nice conversations.

5- Golf Balls – $1,400

The golf balls did not sell so expensive because some famous golfer used them but it’s because they were swallowed by a python. The snake had to have surgery to have the balls removed and they were then sold for $1,400.

6- Sandwich – $28,000

In 2004, a woman named Diana Duyser sold a bitten sandwich for $28,000. The special thing about this sandwich is that the mold that appeared on it depicted the image of the Virgin Mary. 

7- A tissue – $5,300

The tissue used by Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson in a famous talk show, The Tonight Show, was bought by someone for $5,300. The tissue with her mucous was placed in a plastic bag and then sold.

8- Painting – $10,000

In 2011, a painting named ‘Fresh Air’ was sold for $10,000, which exists only in the artist’s imagination. No, we are not kidding! There is an organization called MONA (The Museum of Non-Visible Art), which sells arts that exist only in the minds of artists.

9- An Advertising Spot – $10,000

You must have heard and read about many types of advertising mediums. But one company has made someone’s forehead as its advertising space. A girl named Kari Smith sold her forehead as an advertising spot for $10,000, which was bought by the company named GoldenPalace.com. 

10- Domain name – $16 million

In 2009, the company QuinStreet bought the unique domain name, Insure.com, for $ 16 million. Because of spending so many billions of rupees for a domain, the company’s name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

11- Leftover Food – $1,025

2 slices of singed French toast that Justin Timberlake was treated to during a breakfast interview at Z-100 radio station were bought at an auction by one of his 19-year-old fans for $1,025.

12- Breath – $530

During a red carpet, a reporter gave Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt a can instead of giving them a mic. And perhaps their breath got inside of it. The can was sold for $530 at an auction.

13- Baby’s name – $25,000

A family sold the right to name their child on eBay. It was bought for $ 25,000 by the same company called GoldenPalace.com, which advertised on the forehead of a girl. Now the baby’s name is Golden Palace Benetto.

14- Garbage – $100

The painter, Justin Gignac, decided to prove that the design of a package is very important when deciding to buy something. After which he started selling New York garbage in a small box. Initially, these cans were sold for $10, later people started to like their concept so much that the price increased to $100.


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