26 Facepalm Moments That Will Make You Say ‘What’s Wrong With People?’

26 Facepalm Moments That Will Make You Say ‘What’s Wrong With People?’

It’s no secret that there are idiots walking among us. They’ve always been there. However, the Internet has brought them to the forefront. There’s no hiding from your stupidity as long as social media exists.

And as far as stupidity goes, these could very well be the stupidest things ever posted on social media:

1- She needs to attend geography classes!

2- Can’t understand what kind of math is it?

3- Countries were mistaken as continents!

4- How dumb that is!

5- This person is in desperate need of biology classes!

6- Dumbstruck!

7- Is she really serious?

8- How could he not recognize his own vehicle’s reflection?

9- Can she borrow some common sense?

10- Someone please explain him that the two are related.

11- She thought that it was a far serious matter than it actually was!

12- Someone please tell her that she is still in California.

13- Thank you for giving such important information.

14- He should take grammar classes himself!

15- When you don’t know how how to spell “microwave”

16- Do groceries seem to pop out of the blue in supermarkets.?

17- This is called ’embarrassing yourself’

18- A simple statement followed by a hilarious question!

19- How can someone be this dumb?

20- When you had no idea how to spell salmonella!

21- Who isn’t aware of libraries?

22- Technically incorrect and meaningless!

23- When you don’t know the concept of vaccines.

24- Trying to mock Stephen King is never a good idea!

25- Great mathematical skills, i must say!

26- Maybe this has got a point.


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